Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sam Xander Profile

Height; 1.75m (5'10")
Weight: 84kg (185lb)
Eye color: Blue, Hair: Jet Black, shoulder length, half-pony styled 

Skills:  metallurgy, armor smithing, roughly 6 years of cross-study in structural/& mechanical engineering, improvised sword training, practical mastery of alchemy - what most people think of also as chemistry, various applied sciences,   

Personality: Willful, disciplined, stubborn, equipped with a pair of gauntlets (styled after the Witchblade/Edward Elrich's forearm)   

Abilities: Sam has the ability to project his bio-energy as an extra-dimensional field capable of absorbing, analyzing (causing a complete subconscious understanding) & replicating any form of matter or energy.  This field is most commonly used as a protective filter.  Since the field is an extension of his body's own energy he has complete control over its shape, most commonly forming it into spheres, cubes, flat planes as well as a tightly fitting field around himself and anything in contact with him. As touched on earlier, he has the ability to replicate anything he has already encountered within one of his fields, thus allowing him to create a normal air atmosphere when traveling in harsh environments such as underwater, the vacuum of space, or areas with high levels of radiation.  The absorption and replication properties of the field also allow him to use them as short range teleportation by moving in & out of them or sending objects through it and having the field materialize the object elsewhere.
(Note: with careful study and practice he has learned to use his abilities as a form of alchemy, think FMA: Full Metal Alchemist:

Background -- Born on July 8th, 1983 in Pacific City. His parents had moved there just a year before he was born. Sam's father John & mother Sera were both chosen to be part of the initial move to the newly established landmark city because of their positions in the fields of mechanical/architectural engineering (with side projects in futurist technologies and applied quantum mechanics respectively.  Pacific City was originally just a fantastical concept by a small group of civic dreamers that may never have been realized were it not for the government-funded efforts of The World.  This mysterious organization seemed to have the scientific know-how and technical prowess to bring the dreams of a bridge-way between L.A. and Hilo, Hawaii into reality.  Pacific city itself is connected to the edges of either side of the transpacific roadway by heavy gauge triple-interlocked magnetic clamps and suspended one-half mile above sea level by heavily tested prototype graviton repulsor engines.  After the city's completion, it was to be used as a gathering place for the world's scientific and scholarly elite. Sam's life growing up in this new & amazing city & among these scholarly yet compassionate people was like most others in many respects, as much as it could be considering his aloof & constant wandering nature. He was always trying to keep himself occupied & finding something to do & something to create. He went to school with all the other kids but classes were a breeze to him mostly and they didn't keep his attention or challenge him, but he paid enough attention to learn what he needed to in order to pursue his passion. He had been tinkering with metal-smithing since his early teens & researching for 5 years before that.  ... more to come soon.

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