Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Pagan Discovery Journal - a.k.a. - Pagan Journal Prompt Week 1 - Day 3

The Pagan tradition I am most interested in right now is Celtic Wiccan
The reasons why I am interested in this tradition are I've always been heavily drawn to the Celtic culture in general as well as usually finding myself more interested in their mythos more so than other cultures. I've always had a fondness for myth & legend from all over the world, being drawn to hidden & common truths, which tend to come out in those.
The reaction of my friends & family to my interest in Paganism is a bit mixed though mostly ignorance & concern. Very few people that I know about are aware of my spiritual transition. Those few that do that have discussed it at all are friends, and have been exceptionally supportive or at the least moderately so. The vast majority of my blood family are exceptionally fundamentalist Christian right-wing leaning sort of people raised in the Bible belt, & based on examples of their standing on other sorts of lifestyle choices, my fear is I would become a pariah in my own family. I haven't actually had to confront that fact yet, even though I published the beginnings of this journal on Facebook earlier. I know that at least one family member has seen it, & I'm not looking forward to that discussion. Though I am in the process of making some new friends as well & actually a few of those also happen to be pagan/wiccan/witch as well & they have been especially supportive & willing to help. It's a big help for me moving forward in this. It helps me feel less alone.

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