Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Minimalist Journey Day 1

theminimalists < This is how it starts. The guys at make taking this journey with them very simple and encourage having fun with it and enjoying it all you can while still making real changes in your life and accomplishing things. They also make it as easy as something like this can be, and are very encouraging. All you have to do on the first day is figure out what you want yourself to be like, how you want your attitude to be, and what you want to do with your life.
Basically: figure out what you’re passionate about, figure out what you do that makes you happy, and what makes you fun to be around. What in your life do you do or can you do that always makes you feel amazing. If you’re not doing it, it’s about making that possible. Think about all of this, think about how you want to be. Most of this list, all the things you want to do, and ways that you want to be. Right now they’re probably things that you think about as things that you “wish” you could do or be like or think that you “should” do/be like. A big part of the attitude of this journey is turning every single thing on this should list into a must. That way it will happen, because that’s what must means.
The only task for Day 1 is to simply write out your Must List. If you can think of everything you think you should do and aren’t, or are, but not to the level that you’d like, write it down, but when you write it, use the word must instead, then after you’ve written all these things down: say them aloud. Give power to them. Use these things as motivation while you minimalize yourself, I know I am, I think of them, and who I will be, and it makes me smile. So: made this list: 
must be fit. 
must be primal. 
must worry less. 
must smile every day. 
must help someone ever day. 
must improve my verbal Judo. 
must actively parkour/freerun.
must know Japanese and French. 
I must be a proficient rock climber.
must journal/express myself more. 
must continue metallurgy/’smithing research.  
must get more serious about my SH transition. (Those who know, 案内.) 
This list is all I did for Day 1, but I felt like I had done so much. More to come. 

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